ROBLOX is an international online video game platform for millions of gamers around the world. The game is available on multiple platforms such as PC, iOS, Android, and console. Although the platform itself is free, there are many cosmetics and in-game purchases that will cost ROBUX. ROBUX or R$ is the currency of the ROBLOX platform which is available for purchase on the website. Many users cannot afford to buy ROBUX, but fortunately, there are many alternative ways to get ROBUX without directly purchasing it from the website.

RBX.LIVE or RBXLIVE is the most legitimate way to earn ROBUX without directly purchasing it from the ROBLOX website. RBX.Live offers many ways to earn ROBUX including providing users with offers to complete, a faucet for users to enter, and many promotions and giveaways on our discord. Our website is available on PC, Phones, and Tablets! Members can instantly withdraw their rewards from our site to their ROBLOX account. There is no fee or charge for using our website - it is completely free for users to use to earn their ROBUX rewards!

The EARN page is the main source of free ROBUX for our members as it has the highest payout rate. Users will be able to complete surveys and download games in order to earn ROBUX. There may be different offers available for users on different devices, so try using your mobile device or tablet because higher paying offers may come up!

The FAUCET page is another source of free ROBUX that we provide to our members - all you have to do is complete the captcha to prove that you aren’t a robot and then wait for the faucet to pay out ROBUX to a random member that is waiting in the faucet! You can view how many members are waiting in the faucet and the amount of time left before the faucet pays out on the page as well. Not all members will win the faucet, but it doesn’t cost anything to enter it so give it a try and enter the faucet for a random chance to win ROBUX!

Our DISCORD is an active and growing community where we will be hosting many promotions and giveaways. This is where all announcements will be made, so join us over at and say hello to us in chat!