Sadly, with the importance of trading within ROBLOX, many users can fall victim to scams targeting their limiteds and ROBUX. While most of these scams can be preventable by common sense, it is important to be aware of what is legitimate and what is not as methods increase in technicality.

The most popular method of scamming is phishing, in which users or bots will invite another to a ROBLOX game or website with a false login screen. Upon logging in, the victims are promised a large sum of robux or premium, but in reality, their logins are saved by the owners of the place or site. Though many may be able to reset their passwords or emails after being compromised, it may be too late in regards to stolen funds or limiteds. ROBLOX only offers a rollback on items lost to being compromised one time per user, so it is important to protect your account.

Additionally, an increase in bots have led to unsuspecting users being redirected to malicious sites in promise of ROBUX and/or a membership. These sites may attempt to phish your personal login information or steal your ROBLOX site cookies!

As users have become increasingly aware of the phishing and cookie logging methods, bots have also started to target users with a large value in limiteds. In one’s ROBLOX messages, they may see users impersonating moderators or interns. Typically, they will begin with a scare tactic by saying you or your account is at risk before asking you to contact them through an offsite platform or an unofficial ROBLOX email. As staff members will never ask for your personal information or redirect you to any place offsite besides customer service, identifying these scammers proves to be a simple task once the method is realized. Stay safe!