Ever wonder why you didn't get your robux even though you completed the survey or downloaded the app? This article is here to explain why you didn't get your robux and what you can do about it.


The first thing you will want to do is to check the status of the offer. This is to see if our system has detected if you have correctly completed the offer or if there is something wrong. Sometimes our system will put it into "pending" just to review the offer for fraudulent activity - this usually goes away in 24 hours and your offer will either be rewarded or rejected.

Each offerwall (AyeTStudios, Adgate, Offertoro) has a different way to check the status of your offers. Scroll below to find tips for each type of offer such as app downloads, surveys, and quizzes!


Begin by clicking on the three bars
Click "Reward Status"
Some offers will be put into "Pending" for up to 24 hours for review - Click on the offer that is pending
If you have not received your reward after 6 hours, you can contact their support by clicking on the offer


Click "Support" / On mobile it is at the very bottom of the page
Check the status of the offer here - you can also contact their support about the offer here!


Click on "My Robux"
You can check the status of the offer here - Offertoro does not provide support unfortunately


For mobile users, many of the offers require that you download an app. Remember to use the app for about 20-30 seconds or else you may not get your reward! If you have followed these instructions and still have not received your robux, follow one of the offer wall steps above and check on the status!


Survey offers are often times a little complex. If a survey keeps redirecting you to another survey, please contact the offer wall's support (AyeTStudios, Adgate, or Offertoro) by using one of the steps above and remember to provide screenshots for proof. Remember to have Ad-blocker OFF in order for these surveys to work.


For many of these quiz offers, you will have to have your Ad-blocker OFF and get a certain score on the quiz, many times a 100%. Feel free to use google and reverse google image to complete these quizzes.

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