With the variety of options available for play, it is no surprise that hundreds of thousands of users make their way through the ROBLOX platform daily for their favorite games.

At the top of the list in popularity comes life and family simulator games such as Adopt Me, MeepCity, Welcome to Bloxburg, and Royale High. These roleplay games have broken records in activity and visits, and to aspiring game developers, they are a telltale of what interests the most users. MeepCity and Adopt Me both have several billion visits, and with Adopt Me reaching 500K players online at once in mid-October 2019, it goes to show that ROBLOX is far from an inactive platform.

Other games are of a fantasy simulator caliber. Like roleplay games, yet typically with more grinding and hack and slash aspects, Ninja Legends, Saber Simulator, Pet Simulator, and Bee Swarm Simulator have introduced a new wave of similarity. Along with the introduction of this genre and its increasing spread, gamepasses are being purchased at rates unlike ever before. Gamepasses, purchasable by ROBUX to supplement gameplay, can often include increased customization options, double experience, and extra coins or loot. For simulator games, their product pages are often full of different add-ons available to users for purchase.

Yet another of ROBLOX’s genres include first or third person shooter games. These games, typically at the height of popularity due to their well-rounded scripting, include Arsenal, Phantom Forces, Strucid, and Counter Blox: ROBLOX Offensive. Ingame currency earnable through gameplay or purchasable through ROBUX are available for all four.

Through its years, ROBLOX has seen games such as Jailbreak, Work at a Pizza Place, MeepCity, Prison Life, Dungeon Quest, and an assortment of anime-themed games dominate the activity charts. Still, with the inevitable shifting of interests, many different games will experience the limelight and have the opportunity to prosper.