The ROBLOX exploiting scene has increased greatly in activity through recent years. After the influx of interest in exploiting increased in 2014 with the release of Stigma, a Level 7 exploit available for free, exploit developers and users picked up a spark of passion in ROBLOX’s vulnerabilities.

Over the years, change came rapidly as a result of increasing knowledge of RLUA and reverse engineering of ROBLOX. Through the golden ages of exploiting, exploits such as RC7, Intriga, Protosmasher, Seven, and Elysian were known for their full LUA execution abilities and pioneering into this field in their own respective ways. To combat the number of exploiters, ROBLOX first introduced FE (filtering enabled) to games to prevent most server-sided replication. With many scripts being rendered useless, exploiters turned to the usage of remotes and serversides as a means to continue.

Various other implementations to reduce exploiting ensued, and though they may have worked for a while, exploit developers have found their own unique work arounds. This includes the drop of context level from Level 7 to Level 6 for full LUA executors, switch to LUAU, and weekly changes in memory addresses. With exploits being unable to keep up with the rapid developments, many have risen and fallen as of late.
Now, the most widespread exploit is Synapse X. With a team of several developers, at the forefront of which being Louka and 3dsboy08, it has consistently dominated exploit markets with its cheap payment options, frequent updates, quick support, and adaptability. Other exploits with lesser script execution capability have also made a name for themselves. Many of which are headed by WeAreDevs, but a great number such as Calamari and noobhaxx are regularly introduced on the popular ROBLOX blackmarket and exploiting forum V3rmillion.

For scripts to use in conjunction to these exploits, V3rmillion also offers usermade options for various functions in a multitude of games. Though some are paid, a great number are free for usage.