As a game platform, ROBLOX has implemented various means to encourage its developers to consistently release content. Most successfully, the DevEx program has allowed developers to turn their earned ROBUX into real currency through an official ROBLOX exchange program.

Users with premium that have amassed over 100K in robux can be considered. If funds are received through trading, one will be ineligible; clothing designers and game developers specifically are encouraged to use DevEx. After a review of your account, which mainly includes verification that funds were received legitimately, your eligibility for the program will then be decided by your disciplinary logs. If approved, after making a Dev Portal account, the exchange from online currency to real currency can begin.

With a rate of $350USD per 100K ROBUX, or $3.5USD for 1000 ROBUX, developers of very successful games have been able to use their funds to support their living expenses and schooling. Success stories include berezaa of Miner’s Haven and alexnewtron of MeepCity who have both been very public about DevEx funds providing financial security.

With the program still in full swing after several years of operation, it has been a pull factor for amateur developers to try their luck on the massive platform.