Though it is mostly renown for its vast creative options that appeal to nearly any age group, ROBLOX also boasts an extensive catalog and trading system. The catalog, in which users can buy accessories, user-made clothing, gears, packages, and animations, is supported through the iconic currency of ROBUX. Earnable through the creation of one’s own game and subsequent game pass or ingame item sales, or purchasable through the website in a variety of different options, ROBUX are the only means of buying items to customize your character. With the price of these items varying incredibly, not much needs to be spent to buy an outfit that will satisfy you. Options extend further than aesthetics through the audio, plugin, and model market anyone looking to make their own game.

Apart from merely buying from the catalog, ROBLOX also gives you the option to contribute to it. By buying Premium, formerly known as Builder’s Club, you are able to engage in the uploading and selling of your own clothing, plugins, and models. Though ROBLOX takes a 30% fee from the seller on top of what is paid by the buyer, with a bit of time and dedication, mass sales can surely ensue!
For those more enthusiastic about engaging in the economy, ROBLOX also allows its Premium members to trade. Only limited items (often with limited stock or timed sales) being available for trading, and their worth is measured through RAP (recent average price) and value. With more and more users engaging in trade with the growing number of limited items are open to the public, the catalog is undeniably one of the most distinct features of ROBLOX.