As ROBLOX consists of an active team of moderators, administrators, and interns, one may find themselves in an easy predicament after having broken a few rules. To avoid being banned, it is important to be familiar with important community guidelines.

Among the most violated of rules, with a report system available to all in public or private games, users may frequently be reported for harassment. This includes forms of bullying, harsh language, and similar violations such as hate speech and discrimination. Though breaking most of the mentioned may only result in a warning or short ban, repeated violations can lead to longer bans and termination. In efforts to not break this rule, users are encouraged to be friendly and receptive towards all others.

Two commonly broken ROBLOX rules stem from respect towards the large number of young users: sexual content and personal information. ROBLOX has a strict policy towards inappropriate games, decals, audios, clothing, and speech. Due to this strict stance, users may get no warning before having their accounts terminated or banned for an extended amount of time. Regarding personal information, sharing your name, password, email, or address may net you repercussions. Asking for them may also lead to a swift ban as child endangerment arises through these means.

Typically broken by traders or those engaging in the ROBLOX Blackmarket, if ROBLOX finds that you are engaging in real currency sales or trading, your account will be terminated and your items will be lost. To prevent from being subject to this, staying onsite for all business transactions will leave your account in good standing.

Finally, ROBLOX bans online dating for similar reasons to its privacy and sexual content restrictions. With child endangerment being a major issue, grooming, predatory behavior, or engaging in relationships with other users through the platform is prohibited and may be met with a warning or ban.

While the list of rules may be extensive, reading through them with awareness of what should and should not be done can easily prevent infractions.