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Complete offers!

RBX.Live provides hundreds of offers for you to earn ROBUX including completing surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, and more! New offers are automatically updated everyday for you to maximize your ROBUX earnings! Remember to check out device-specific offers on your computer, phone, and tablet!

Live faucet!

The live faucet allows users to join a pool for a chance to be randomly selected to win ROBUX! The faucet is completely free for everyone to join - all you have to do is keep the faucet page open and wait for a winner to be selected! If there are more members waiting in the faucet, a larger faucet reward may appear, so invite your friends to join the faucet!

Discord community!

The official RBX.Live discord server is a community server for all our members to hangout! This is where all official announcements will be made along with where all our promotional events will be held including ROBUX and giftcard giveaways! The discord server also serves as a support channel for those who need help. Don't miss out and join the server!

Robux marketplace!

RBX.Live also offers a marketplace for our users to purchase ROBUX directly from our stock. Our ROBUX is cheaper than conventional rates on the ROBLOX website so that out members can save money. We use the group payout method meaning that we do not need access to your account at all. Come over to our purchase page to order your ROBUX today!


Top 5 earners

RBX.Live is the most legitimate way to earn ROBUX without directly purchasing it from the ROBLOX website. RBX.Live offers many ways to earn ROBUX including providing users with offers to complete, a faucet for users to enter, and many promotions and giveaways on our discord. Our website is available on PC, Phones, and Tablets! Members can instantly withdraw their rewards from our site to their ROBLOX account. There is no fee or charge for using our website - it is completely free for users to use to earn their ROBUX rewards!

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